Welcome to Berated B-Rated Movies

Each week Brian and Anthony watch an indy horror film, drink, narrate, make jokes and talk through it. Some joke are a homerun, others are a BIG swing and a miss, lol. In either case, every episode is always amazing.

⬇️ MEET Our Beraters ⬇️

This is Brian aka "The FDB"

He has been talking through movies for at least 35 years now. Now he can finally do it in a setting where it is appropriate. He also loves long walks from his livingroom to his liquor cabinet and back again, multiple times during a recording. 

This is Anthony aka "Amferny"

He has been known to make a comment or 2 during a movie, which is why hes in the top 2 beraters for this podcast. He thinks on his feet and can crack a joke on the drop of a hat. However, he also does not like the beautiful taste of wintergreen.

This is Guest Berater aka "Guest Berater"

This guest is someone who can pick up Brian and Anthonys slack during an episode. They are quick with the jokes and know how to make us and the listeners laugh. Some great qualities of this person, are being funny, a night owl and able to make innapropriate comments on que. Drinking ability is always a plus😉. Click below if you would like to be on an episode 👇!


Some fun facts about our Beraters

(may or may not be true)


Main transportation is a hoverboard
Can rap freestyle hella hard
Loves Whiskey
Hates Wintergreen Flavor


Has never had to wear a beanie in the winter
Drinks Like a fish
Makes Funny Comments
Is SUPER shy

Want to be on an episode with us?

Click on the "Put Me In, Beraters" button below if you have what it takes

Guest Berater (Could Be YOU !)

Some solid qualifications to have
Needs to be Funny
A Night Owl (we record in the PST time zone)
Drinking is a plus (be safe though)

Put me in, Beraters!

Think you could survive an indy horror film?

After hours and hours of non stop drinking and watching indy horror films, Brian and Anthony have come up with some pretty solid ideas how to survive an indy horror film massacre. Here are some tips that Brian and Anthony can share with you if you find yourself in an indy horror film situation to survive.

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