Don't Give your cell phone away!

Seeing how you probably paid over $1k for your device, why would you give it away and let it leave your site? These days, your phone is literally attached to you AT ALL TIMES!! Without it, you WILL DIE, probably slowly and painfully too. 


No matter what, DON'T WEAR PLAID!

Seems weird right, but 1 thing a lot of these victims have in common is their love for plaid tops. If you are currently wearing plaid, take it off!


Never split up! Why would you want to split up?

The more the merrier, really. Think about it, if there are more of you together, you're hopefully faster than one of them and THEY can be the one that gets murked.


Don't go into a strangers creepy old house that is clearly falling apart!

Doesn't matter if you have been invited in, breaking in, paid to go in, double dog dared to, or searching for your missing friends, DON'T DO IT. This seems pretty self explanatory but we feel the need to bring this to the light more. It's not your house, it's creepy, falling apart, and CLEARLY has been used to murder countless people before you AND after you. At this point, if you go in, you are expecting to get killed, probably tortured too.

Gettin down for the get down, part 1.

We all know that for some reason the killer seems to have some kind of personal vendetta against people bumpin uglies. Maybe they themselves still have their "V" card and are jelly of the two, maybe three, participants splackin hams, who knows. Don't make the killer envious/mad of the stirring mac and cheese sounds coming from the closed door. Wait until the coast is 100% clear before you go back to stirring the paint.

Beatin cheeks, part 2.

See, this is where it gets tricky, no one wants to be brutaly murdered and have never had the privilage of giving, or recieving, the french bread into the dutch oven. Sometimes the bad guys will sacrafice the one who has never done the downtown rotation because they are "pure." I personally would want to get in at least one more russian philharmonic orchestra session before my untimely death comes. So, this one is up to you, just be safe 😉.

Get your car checked before you start your road trip!

This SHOULD be a no brainer, like most of these, but for some reason, victims just LOVE going on road trips with the worst cars imaginable. Due to the lack of taking care of their vehicle, this usually plays a big factor in how the horror starts and finishes. What never shocks us is that the cars makes it right to the spot where everything does downhill, fast. Get your vehicle checked, so when you do survive the night, you can go to the nearest bar and pick up on someone and ride off into the sunset like a boss. 

Trust your gut!

Guess what? I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but someone IS watching you. The water IS contaminated. The house IS haunted. Someone DID die there in a horrible death and now wants revenge even though you are an innocent bystandard. You know it, your gut knows it, you are just trying to bottle up those feeling and deny them. This will ultimately lead to your demise and untimely death. 

Don't litter!

This is for regular life too. No one likes to be out and about and then all of a sudden see a bunch of trash everywhere. This gets everyone mad, as it should. However, interesting fact, the #1 advocates for no littering campaigns are horror movie murderers! It's just something about it that when they are nonchalantly chasing you through the woods and find a piece of trash, it fuels their anger more and they end up taking it out on you. Throw your trash in the garbage!